A humanoid robot that sweats to keep cool.

An athlete out of the ordinary.
How could anyone do press-ups for ten minutes straight without overheating? The Kengoro robot, developed at the University of Tokyo, is capable of such miracle. The 1.7-meter tall, 56-kilogram musculoskeletal humanoid can, in spite of its 108 motors, do press-ups for eleven minutes or run for half a day without overheating. The solution to keep the humanoid robot cool as it works out is very simple: it sweats. Since its structure does not allow space for the fans and radiators that are typically used to cool computers, engineers created small gaps in the robot’s frame that allow water to seep out, thus cooling the areas most likely to overheat.
This technique, similar to how humans sweat, is a lightweight alternative to traditional cooling systems and prevents the heat to become a constraint on the robot’s performance.
Kengoro can run for half a day on about a cup of deionized water. Testing showed that this method of cooling works three times better than air cooling, and significantly better than circulating water through the interior channel.

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