A new track for efficient cooling of electronics.

Cooling is imperative to prolonging electronic lifespan and to allow a reduction in energy use.
Electronic systems accumulate a great deal of heat. Cooling is imperative to prolonging electronic lifespan and enable energy efficiency. Approximately half the energy required to run computer servers is used for cooling purposes alone.

Years ago, Johan Liu from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden was the first to show that graphene can have a cooling effect on silicon-based electronics. However, the material could not adhere to the surface and therefore used to rid electronic devices off excessive heat.

A new method has been developed by researchers at Chalmers. They managed to create strong covalent bonds between the graphene film and the surface. The film is attachable to electronic components made of silicon. Its thermal conductivity capacity is four times greater than that of copper.

According to Johan Liu, this new advance could ”pave the way for faster, smaller, more efficient, sustainable high power electronics”.