A refrigerated bag to preserve vaccines in hot climates

An autonomous refrigerated bag is currently developed in Burkina Faso. It could preserve vaccines between 2 ans 8 °C.

Christian Cedric Toe, a young engineer from Burkina Faso, recently designed an autonomous refrigerated bag to preserve vaccines between 2 and 8 °C, the temperatures recommended by the World Health Organization. Such temperatures are very hard to maintain in some African countries where outside temperatures can reach 50 °C, especially when the vaccines have to be brought to remote areas.

This bag, called Laafi Bag, is designed to be light in order to be easily carried on motorbikes. It is equipped with a photovoltaic module which allows up to 90 hours of refrigeration. Christian Toe was awarded the Innovation Price at the Rebranding Africa Forum (RAF) in Brussels in November 2016.

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