Australia: manufacturers maintain R32 is safe

Australian’s Air-conditioning manufacturer’s groups have hit back at suggestions that R32 is extremely flammable and highly toxic.
Australian’s Air conditioning manufacturers’ groups have hit back at suggestions that R32 refrigerant is extremely flammable, highly toxic and causes cancer.

Although a more environmentally friendly alternative, R32 has brought opposition from some quarters in Australia.

In an effort to explain and answers questions about R32, the Australian Air conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers’ Association of Australia (AREMA) and the Consumer Electronics Supplier Association (CESA) have prepared a technical fact sheet on the refrigerant.

This new document, R32 – Common Questions, maintains that R32, far from being extremely flammable and highly toxic, is not explosive, is extremely difficult to ignite and is the least toxic of all the Class A (non toxic) refrigerants listed in ISO 817.