Briefs: CERTE Sub-Commission meeting

The annual meeting of Sub-Commission (SC) D2 on Refrigerated Transport (CERTE), which took place in Prague, Czech Republic, was the occasion to discuss numerous technical questions on tests. It was decided to enlarge the scope of the SC and increase the number of members. Geron Johansson was renewed as President of the SC and representative to the WP11 at the UN commission. Eric Devin was appointed Secretary. Gérald Cavalier, President of IIR Commission D2, presented IIR activities and projects underway, in particular 2 new D2 working parties. The SC adopted several proposals related to the draft ATP guide. Topics such as test stations accreditation, air-distribution devices, small containers, K coefficient evaluation methods, etc. were also discussed. The next CERTE meeting will take place in Portugal in June 2009. Consult the full report on the Commission D2 Web site (section "Information"):