Editorial by Arne Bredesen

The General Conference of the IIR endorsed the IIR Strategic Plan during the Sydney Congress in September 1999. This document defined key directions for the future. The preparation of the Strategic Plan involved 200 people, both from within the IIR and outside. The process proved to be very fruitful as it identified 5 important long-term goals while defining 18 strategies and 23 possible actions to be carried out within this perspective. The Management Committee of the IIR decided that the time has come to review actions that have been undertaken so far and to adapt strategies to the current situation. This task will be carried out by a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), appointed by the IIR, which I have the honour of presiding. We will start our work with a meeting on May 14-15, 2004 in Paris. Ten strategic themes have been identified and members of the IIR staff have prepared short reports on each of these themes. The SPC's task will be to carefully examine the present situation, looking at where we have been successful and where more work is needed. Based on this, we will propose new actions that may improve IIRs position as a key player in the global refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump sector, serving the needs of mankind by bringing forward technology for a sustainable society. Arne Bredesen President of the Strategic Planning Committee