Editorial by Didier Coulomb

Renewal of generations has to take place in all societies and the ability to attract young people to certain professions must be a major concern in companies and public organizations. This is particularly true in the refrigeration sector, and of course within the International Institute of Refrigeration. This is why the IIR's Strategic Planning Committee decided to set up a Task Force on Young People last year; this group's task was to propose various ways of attracting more young people to the IIR. Eckhard Groll very efficiently headed this group also comprising David Tanner, Ruzhu Wang, Felix Ziegler and myself. The group's proposals were put to the Management Committee which adopted the following: -young people's prizes to be awarded to persons under 30 years of age at IIR conferences: these prizes will entail private membership of the IIR for 1 year free of charge — prizewinners will benefit from all IIR member benefits for 1 year; -the setting up of a young persons' membership fee of 15 euros for private members of the IIR under 25 years of age; -lower conference registration fees for students in general and student members of the IIR in particular; -the setting up of a junior commission-member category for all of the IIR's 10 scientific and technical commissions; each junior commission member is to have a senior commission-member mentor. The latter measure, which requires no change to the statutes of the IIR, should enable the IIR to renew its expert network (which constitutes a key asset) more readily. Other measures promoting the inclusion of young people within the IIR network may be decided on at a later date. I hope that these measures will enable greater numbers of young people to join the refrigeration sector and enable the IIR to benefit from their enthusiasm. Didier Coulomb Director of the IIR