Editorial by Didier Coulomb

The International Institute of Refrigeration, along with several national refrigeration associations, was founded in 1908. 2008 will thus be the IIR's centenary and will be called "Year of Refrigeration". 2008 will mark an important milestone in the history of the IIR and we intend to celebrate 100 years of progress in the field of refrigeration, but also intend to promote, among all stakeholders, the growing importance of our sector and future technologies progress in the framework of sustainable development. 2007 was an action-packed year for the IIR and refrigeration: the International Congress of Refrigeration in Beijing, China, renewal of the IIR's statutory committees and commission members… and new decisions with respect to the use of refrigerants (see page 4), decisions that will lead to major changes in the refrigeration sector. These changes will provide opportunities and I hope we will all seize these opportunities in an optimal manner. Refrigeration has a great future. Let's announce it over the world! Best wishes and good health in 2008! Didier Coulomb, Director of the IIR