EU: first Heating and Cooling Strategy

UE: towards a smart, efficient and sustainable heating and cooling sector.
The EU Heating and Cooling Strategy is the first EU initiative addressing the energy used for heating and cooling in buildings and industry, which represents 50% of the EU’s annual energy consumption.

In order to decrease energy leakage from buildings, maximize efficiency and boost the share of renewables, the Strategy identifies the following actions: make renovation buildings easier, increase the share of renewables, reuse energy waste from industry, get consumers and industries involved.

In the long run, Europe wants to decarbonize its building stock by 2050 with a scheduled reduction of CO2 emissions by 30% and citizens’ expenditures for heating and cooling their homes and buildings by 70%. It is estimated that industry could reduce its energy consumption by 4-5% by 2030 and 8-10% by 2050 just by implementing commercially viable and available solutions. The share of renewable energies would reach 30%.