Expanding market for hydrocarbon compressors

Several compressor makers are introducing new models operating with hydrocarbon refrigerants. For example ComStar International Inc., will offer compressors with the newly approved R-441A (HCR 188C), patented blend of ethane, propane, butane and isobutene, with zero GWP and ODP.
Tests show a 48% decrease in its energy consumption compared with R-134a. EPA is expected to finalize a rule this year that will allow its use in US household refrigerators (see Newsletter of the IIR No. 43) . The compressors will be manufactured in China by Hangzhou Maidi Heating and Refrigerating Equipment under the Silekan brand name. Similarly, the German compressor manufacturer Bock is now offering a semi-hermetic compressor variant range especially for propane, propylene and isobutene.