France, 1st European market for heat-pumps

In 2013, the French heat-pump market was the first in Europe, before Italy, Sweden, Germany and Norway, according to statistics from the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).
In 2013, the French market for heat pumps was the first market in Europe with 153,000 units sold, in front of Italy, Sweden, Germany and Norway, according to the statistics of the European  Heat Pump Association(EHPA).

Ten countries (France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria) represent 89 % of the market with a total of 683,985 units to 771,074.

Reversible air/air systems represent 51% of the total,  geothermal energy 13 %, air/water heat pumps  18 %, sanitary hot water production  11 % and the recovery on extracted air only 2 %.
The study of the EHPA estimates power savings at 10.6 TWh, 3 of which concern France, 1.2, Germany, 1.1, Italy and 1 TWh, Sweden. The corresponding greenhouse gas emission reduction is assessed at 2.1 Mt Co2 equivalent.

EHPA estimated at 41,495 the number of annual jobs in the chain between the manufacture of finished products,  of components and of the installation and of maintenance and repair.

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