From Finland to China: refrigerated rail transport is developing

A new refrigerated rail transport line has just opened between Narvik (Finland) and Chongqinq (China).

In October 2018, the Finnish transport company Nurminen Logistics inaugurated a commercial rail route between Helsinki and Hefei, in southeast China.


On September 28, 2020, the company launched a new rail freight route between Narvik and Chongqing, in southwest China. Trains running between these two cities will be equipped with refrigerated containers.



The new route will mainly be used for refrigerated transport of Norwegian salmon to China, but other freights are also planned, according to the company.


The transit time for the temperature-controlled reefer containers is 14 days from Chongqing to Helsinki and 17 days to Narvik. The train can carry 40 45 ft. reefer containers with temperature monitoring that can be set between -25 °C and +25°C.