Fusion of a boiler and a heat pump into one new system, thanks to thermal compression

Boostheat company has developed a new technology that is claimed to lead to a new generation of very efficient and renewable heating, hot water and cooling systems.
A new thermodynamic boiler developed by BoostHEAT, a French start-up company, combines a condensing boiler and a heat pump into one new system using a thermal compressor, at the heart of this innovative technology.

The thermal compressor uses the heat from the gas burner, instead of mechanical energy, to efficiently compress CO2 at high temperature (about 700°C). The fuel’s heating value is not used to supply the heating system but to compress CO2 refrigerant used by the heat pump.

Compression does not use a mechanical power transmission process as it stems from a thermal cycle which, according to BoostHEAT, doubles the energy efficiency of current condensing boilers.

Supported by GrDF, this company has signed partnerships with Dalkia and British Gas.
Other partnerships are planned in Canada, USA and Bulgaria for this startup which plans to produce 100,000 such boilers by 2020.