Future developments in magnetocaloric refrigeration and heat pumping.

Summary of a paper presented during the 7th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature (Thermag VII), available in Fridoc.
Two main topics were addressed in the 72 papers presented during Thermag VII conference: magnetocaloric materials (alloys and compounds with magnetocaloric effect, physics of the magnetocaloric effect, shaping and preparation of active materials) and magnetic cooling systems (theory, design and numerical aspects, experimental tests of machines and prototypes, permanent
magnets and assemblies). The present conference also paid attention to a couple of novel topics: ferroic materials (electrocalorics, barocalorics, etc.) and heat switches, which may represent promising research themes for the future. We present below the summary of a paper along with the direct link where the paper can be downloaded in Fridoc database.

During Thermag VII, A. Kitanowski et al* have presented a critical review of activities and achievements in the development of magnetocaloric refrigeration and heat pumping. It addresses some of the very important scientific, technical and non-technical factors which can provide a basis for future improvements.
Since the earliest days of engineering magnetocaloric devices for applications near or above room
temperature, a total of about 70 prototypes have been developed in different parts of the world.
However, while the number of publications in material science grows exponentially, there is only a small number of engineering activities. The authors also consider that there is a gap between material science and engineering; materials scientists do not actually receive a clear message from engineers about which material properties are the most crucial for successful future developments. On the other hand, they do not focus on the solutions that engineers indicate as being the most important.
The authors stress the main technical problems which remain unsolved, which explains that we tend to see relatively small steps towards the commercialisation of magnetocaloric technology. However, they believe that there are different engineering solutions that can really foster developments towards the first real market applications.

Kitanovski A, Tomc U, Poredos A. (2016). Future developments in magnetocaloric refrigeration and heat pumping.  Paper presented at the 7th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature (Thermag VII), Turin, Italy.

Available in Fridoc: click here.