Germany: Blue Angel ecolabel now includes heat pumps and liquid coolers

The 2023 edition of the German “Blue Angel” ecolabel now includes domestic heat pumps and “liquid coolers”.

The Blue Angel is the environmental label of the German Federal Government. Initially introduced in 1978, it is one of the first environmental label in the world. [1] The Blue Angel label sets voluntary standards, giving manufacturers the opportunity to improve and promote the environmental footprint of their products. In June 2023, The German Environment Ministry approved the application of the Blue Angel ecolabel to new groups of products, including heat pumps and liquid coolers (or chillers). [2]


Blue Angel requirements for heat pumps

Requirements for heat pumps combine the absence of fluorinated refrigerants with energy-efficient operation to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the formation of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is avoided and noise emissions are limited.

The label applies to mass-produced heat pumps with an electrically driven compressor, designed for heating rooms either with or without domestic water heating.

Detailed requirements here.


Blue Angel requirements for liquid coolers

The Blue Angel defines “liquid coolers” as “refrigerating machines that extract heat from the medium to be cooled via a water circuit. They are used in a wide range of cooling applications in the commercial and industrial sectors, but also for air conditioning in residential and especially non-residential buildings.”

The aim of this ecolabel is to identify liquid coolers that work with natural refrigerants and are characterised by additional environmentally friendly properties such as high-energy efficiency and low noise emissions.

Detailed requirements for liquid coolers will be available soon on the Blue Angel website.



The 2023 edition of the Blue Angel ecolabel is valid until 31st December 2027.




[1] Blue Angel - 40 years. Good for me. Good for the environment.