Heat pump sales in France

2013 Air-air Heat pumps (HPs) sales show significant increase
Air-air Heat pumps (HPs) sell significantly better: 352118 air-air HPs were sold in 2013, representing a 5.5% progression. This figure is all the more striking as it came without any significant heatwave or tax incentive.

According to Eric Bataille, a spokesperson from Atlantic, the HPs are increasingly bought for heating purposes as 99% of current HPs are reversible, especially in the Mediterranean area.

Around 53,900 air-water HPs were sold over the same period, representing a 2.1% increase.

Variable refrigerant flow HPs are making slight progress (15,071, i.e. 2%), but others are clearly decreasing, such as split systems over 17 kW (3,546 sold; i.e. -14%), air-handling units (8,089; i.e. -8%) and liquid coolers (6,210; i.e. -6.5%).

Geothermal heat pump sales for domestic purposes suffered the most with less than 5000 units sold, i.e. -24% since 2012. The leading causes of this drop are installation costs and sensor insurance; implementation difficulties; and power pulses in low-energy houses.

Source: PAC&Clim Info, AFPAC