HFCs: US-India joint Task Force

During a workshop on hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) convened by the US and India on February 18, 2011, the two countries agreed to convene a joint Task Force to examine approaches to reduce the use of HFCs.The Task Force will include representatives from both governments from industry, scientists and technical experts. According to the US press release, “the options considered by the Task Force will send clear policy signals to discourage the use of HFCs and encourage the development and commercialization of low global warming potential alternatives. The Task Force will issue a report in August to describe the status of HFC alternatives and examine policy aspects of various approaches that would support a global reduction in HFC use. These include national, industry-to-industry, and international options, such as bilateral approaches between the US and India and the use of existing international agreements.”
The US, Canada and Mexico have advanced a proposal to amend the Montreal Protocol to gradually phase down the production/consumption of HFCs for the second time in November 2010, at the 22nd Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP22) in Bangkok, finding growing international support but facing opposition from emerging countries (see Newsletter of the IIR No. 43 and 45).