IIR International Congresses of Refrigeration

The IIR organises the International Congress of Refrigeration every 4 years. The next edition will be held in Paris in August 2023. The papers of the last Congresses are still available in FRIDOC at advantageous prices. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, the world’s industry, including the refrigeration sector, continued to expand. In this context, the first International Congress of Refrigeration was organised in Paris in France in 1908. The International Association of Refrigeration was born the following year, and it became an intergovernmental organisation in 1920, and  was then renamed the “International Institute of Refrigeration”. 


24 other editions have been organised since then. The document published on the occasion of these congresses are available at the IIR library in Paris, and all the papers from the Congresses held between 1908 and 1980 are available in FRIDOC. They are scanned on request by the IIR’s documentalist. 


The IIR is currently working with the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (French National library) to scan all the Congresses held between 1983 and 1995. They will then be published in Gallica, the biggest French digital library, and on the IIR website. The papers of these conferences will be available in FRIDOC within a few months. 

The papers of the Congresses held between 1999 and 2019 are already available in FRIDOC in digital version. They are free of charge for IIR members:

  • 20th International Congress of Refrigeration, Sydney, 1999: 448 papers,
  • 21st International Congress of Refrigeration, Washington, 2003: 399 papers,
  • 22nd International Congress of Refrigeration, Beijing, 2007: 840 papers,
  • 23rd International Congress of Refrigeration, Prague, 2011: 570 papers,
  • 24th International Congress of Refrigeration, Yokohama, 2015: 658 papers,
  • 25th International Congress of Refrigeration, Montreal, 2019: 633 papers.




The proceedings of the 2011 and 2015 Congresses are now available in PDF format, and no longer in CD-Rom, at an attractive price (60 euros for members, 80 euros for non-members). Each Congress comprises more than 500 articles. The summaries are available free of charge in FRIDOC in order to find out the content of the proceedings. 


ICR 2011     ICR 2015


The 2019 Montreal Congress is still available following this link

The next edition of the International Congress of Refrigeration will be held in Paris for the third time in 115 years. It will be organised at the Palais des Congrès, in western Paris. Here is a provisional timetable for the authors:

  • 15 January 2022 Abstract Submission Opening

  • 30 June 2022 Deadline for abstract submission

  • 1 February 2023 Deadline for paper submission

  • 1 June 2023 Deadline for revised full paper