IIR member news: Carrier Transicold’s innovations

IIR corporate member Carrier Transicold's new products.
  • Carrier Transicold, IIR corporate member, received the bronze medal at the Solutrans Innovation Award in November 2017 for its new SUPRA refrigeration unit running on Natural Compressed Gas (CNG). Dedicated to 16 to 26 ton straight trucks, it can cool up to 3 compartments in positive and negative temperatures. Moreover, this system allows the vehicle engine and refrigeration unit to be powered by a single fuel source, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

  • The NaturaLINE container refrigeration units produced by Carrier Transicold have recently been improved and are now able to achieve and maintain a temperature of -40 °C. The engineers are said to have refined the reefer’s control logic to take full advantage of the unit’s design and the thermal properties of the CO2 refrigerant used in this system. 100 NaturaLINE containers were recently ordered by the leading container leasing company Seaco Global.

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