IIR member news: Star Refrigeration

Star Refrigeration soon to hit US food firms with eco-friendly low-ammonia chillers and freezers

Scotland-based Star Refrigeration, an independent contract specialising in cooling and heating systems, will soon bring its eco-friendly low-ammonia chillers and freezers to US food firms.

AZANEFREEZER and AZANECHILLER, the freezing and chilling systems are designed to provide food firms and storage outfits with a better environmental profile than competitive systems.

Since President Obama’s recent climate action speech regarding the phasing out of harmful hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to protect our planet for the future, sustainability has taken on an even greater importance in the refrigeration field.

With growing awareness of the importance of using natural refrigerants in refrigeration and heating systems, using low-ammonia systems to boost eco-friendliness is a viable solution for cold-storage companies.

In addition, ambitious carbon-reduction marks set by the US government make ammonia reduction not only a good business decision, but a requirement.

According to Derek Hamilton, Star Refrigeration’s US business development manager, the AZANEFREEZER and AZANECHILLER systems offer an estimated four year return on initial investment as well as helping to conserve costs, reduce installation time and boost energy efficiency.