Impact of heat on school results

An American study establishes a relationship between rising temperatures and lower school examination results and highlights the importance of air conditioning.

In many countries and the United States in particular, many schools today are equipped with air conditioning, or will be in the coming years. Each class in New York should be equipped by 2022 (see IIR news 22501).

An American study1 published by the National Bureau of Economic Research proposes an encryption assessment of the impact of heat on cognitive skills. This was done based on the results of the PSAT (preliminary scholastic assessment test). It is a three-hour test that includes reading, writing, and mathematics assessments at the end of high school.

The study takes into account the results of the PSAT over a decade and concerns 10 million students.

According to the study, each 0.5°C (1°F) increase in the study would reduce the PSAT score by 1%.

This study highlights the importance of air conditioning in schools, especially in geographical areas with the warmest climates.

1 GOODMAN J., HIRWITZ M., PARK J., SMITH J. Heat and Learning. Available following this link.