INDEE+ at 23rd India International Seafood Show (2023), Kolkata, India

In February 2023, INDEE+ successfully participated to the 23rd India International Seafood Show (2023) in Kolkata. The project was jointly promoted in a technical session and at a dedicated booth.

India International Seafood Show (IISS) is one of the largest Seafood Fairs in Asia. The exhibition presents a wide range of opportunities for Indian marine product exporters and importers. The event showcases the cutting-edge technological progress in the regional seafood industry. The IISC also offers opportunities for discussions, knowledge and ideas exchange and has been successful in attracting producers, processors, processing machinery manufactures and technology experts worldwide. The show emphasises India’s commitment towards safe and sustainable seafood production for export. 


The 23rd IISS edition was held from 15–17tFebruary 2023 at Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan, Kolkata (West Bengal) in India. The Honourable Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Smt. Anupriya Patel inaugurated Asia’s biggest Seafood Show on the theme “The World’s Seafood Basket”. The three-day event was organised by the Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI) and the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA). The exhibition was attended by more than 2,500 Indian and foreign delegates around 130 plus booths.  


The technical sessions were conducted over the three-day event. Lectures and discussions were carried out on various issues crucial for the sustainable growth of the seafood industry. These sessions were attended by industry stakeholders, policymakers and other technical experts. On the second day, INDEE+ made their contribution to the event by delivering a technical lecture on the topic ‘Next generation refrigeration in seafood cold chain’. The lecture was arranged by the Show Secretariat and was delivered by Prof. M S Dasgupta from BITS-Pilani. The presentation provided an overview of state-of-the art technologies in natural refrigerants and related technologies. The status of the seafood demonstration sites and training units being engineered under the supervision of NTNU and SINTEF Ocean, Norway, was discussed with various experts from the refrigeration and cold chain sectors.


Technical session



Technical Section on next generation refrigeration in seafood cold chain 


Moreover, INDEE+ was promoted in a dedicated booth in the exhibition hall and the project activities were presented to the various seafood industry actors by the local project team from BITS Pilani and CIFT Kochi. Technical information on the seafood processing demonstration site (CO2-NH3 Cascade System) and the educational training units (Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration System) were displayed at the booth through dedicated posters and videos. During this event, the INDEE+ team exchanged information with various marine product exporters, processing machinery manufactures and technology experts regarding the advantages and importance of adopting natural refrigerant solutions for the seafood cold chain sector. 





The INDEE+ booth at the 23rd India International Seafood Show