Ireland: example of energy storage using wind turbine

The idea is to store excess energy produced at night and to reuse it when it’s necessary during the day.
The historical PJ Carroll Building in Dundalk, Ireland houses the first large commercial wind turbine on a college campus in the world. Previously, energy produced by the turbine either exceeded demand and was wasted or was insufficient to meet demand.

Engineers, working with the IceBank energy storage technology from CALMAC, devevoped a solution where excess energy was stored at night in thermal-energy-storage tanks and reused when required during the day. Wind energy created by the turbine at night cools the water, stored in the form of ice which is then used to refresh the building.

The system is capable to adjust heating and cooling temperatures. In addition to lessening environmental impact, thermal energy storage lowered energy costs for the college.

Throughout 2012, the wind turbine was able to produce 1,440 MWh of electricity, of which 1,141 MWh were consumed by the university and 299 MWh were exported.

HPAC Engineering (Fev 2015)