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On August 29, 2014, for the official closing of FRISBEE, the consortium will hold a “FRISBEE Demonstration Day”
For the official closing of the Food Refrigeration Innovations for Safety, consumers’ Benefit, Environmental impact and Energy optimisation along the cold chain in Europe project (FRISBEE), the consortium will hold a “FRISBEE Demonstration Day” at IRSTEA, the head office of project leaders, in Antony, France on August 29, 2014.

1 rue Pierre Gilles de Gênnes
92761 Antony FRANCE

On this occasion, project outcomes will be disseminated. All the partners, including the IIR, will be present.

Begun in September 2010, FRISBEE is a four-year European Union funded project. Objectives include providing new tools, concepts and solutions for improving refrigeration technologies along the European food cold chain.

The project developed new innovative mathematical modelling tools that combine food quality and safety together with energy, environmental and economic aspects in order to predict and control food quality and safety in the cold chain.

As work package leader for dissemination, the IIR published a handbook (pdf format)  entitled “Needs and Expectations of European Consumers and Industry regarding Refrigeration” which summarizes the outcomes of the FRISBEE project targeting the general public, consumers and industrials.

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