Largest electric refrigerated truck

In October 2011, Renault Trucks handed over a 100% electric truck to STEF, a cold-chain logistics specialist. The manufacturer claims it is the largest ever electric truck for food delivery. It will be tested for a year, starting in January 2012, in the city of Lyons, France. It is smaller than the 26-tonne hybrid Premium Hybrys Tech, but much larger than the 4-tonne fully electric Maxity.

It weighs 16 tonnes, and its batteries alone weigh 2 tonnes. The 103kW electric engine is powered by 3 lithium-ion battery-packs whose overall capacity amounts to 150 kWh and can be recharged in 8 hours thanks to a 400 V three-phase 64 A power line. It has a guaranteed 100 km autonomy span, but has actually demonstrated a higher autonomy thanks to its oversized batteries. During its trial test it will operate 75 km delivery runs daily to Carrefour supermarkets in and around Lyons.

It can accommodate 5.5 tonnes of useful load, can hold 18 pallets and is designed for controlled-temperature transport thanks to a Carrier refrigeration unit which can operate in diesel or electric mode. The driver may decide which mode the cooling unit should operate in, according to the type of journey, delivery times and remaining autonomy.

Transport et Logistique International, November 2011