Member news: Carrier Transicold's innovative electrical technologies for refrigerated transport

Carrier Transicold promotes a new all-electric and autonomous cooling system for semi-trailers that completes its 100% electric range. 

Thanks to its all-electric E-Drive technology, Carrier Transicold is contributing to the development of less polluting refrigeration systems in road transport. E-Drive technology eliminates the need for an engine to power the compressor on the truck or semi-trailer. E-Drive systems remove mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven refrigeration systems, which reduces service and maintenance costs. The E-Drive technology is described in this video


In 2017, Carrier Transicold launched the Eco-drive system equipped with a hydraulic pump and used to equip refrigerated trucks (see IIR news of September 11, 2017). 


Carrier Transicold is also developing 100% electrical solutions for trailers, such as the Vector 1550 E or the Vector HE 19. 


In 2020, Carrier announced the launch of a new Vector system, the Vector eCool. It was described as “the future of refrigerated trailer technology” by Victor Calvo, president of Carrier Transicold International Truck & Trailer. 

The Vector eCool is suitable for operation with Vector HE 19 and Vector 1550 E. It converts kinetic energy generated by the trailer into electricity, which is then stored in a battery pack to power the refrigeration unit. This loop creates a fully autonomous system that produces no direct carbon dioxide (CO2) or particulate emissions. 

When the refrigeration unit is operating on battery power, Carrier Transicold’s energy management system will automatically switch on when the charge reaches a certain level and conditions, initiating the generator to recharge the battery to ensure full refrigeration capacity. 

The eCool system can also be plugged into the electrical grid when the trailer is parked and will fully charge in under four hours. On the road, the battery pack is recharged using power generated by the axles and the kinetic energy created under braking. 


In February 2021, Carrier Transicold partnered with British temperature-controlled vehicle specialist Gray & Adams to equip a 13-meter demonstration trailer with the Vector eCool system. This trailer is now on the road to present this technology to Carrier Transicold customers.