Member news: EPEE white paper on sustainable cooling

EPEE, benefactor member of the IIR, participated in the 31st Meeting of the Parties in early November in Rome. The association took the opportunity of this event to present a white paper on sustainable cooling.

EPEE (European Partnership for Energy and the Environment) participated in the 31st United Nation meeting of the parties to the Montreal Protocol, which took place from 4 to 8 November in Rome.

On this occasion, EPEE presented its white paper entitled Count on Cooling: A Five-Step Approach to Delivering Sustainable Cooling. This document highlights the growth in the use of cooling, which implies an increase in energy consumption, and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. EPEE nevertheless indicates that there are solutions to deal with these impacts.

This white paper highlights five points that seem necessary to ensure "sustainable cooling":

  • Optimise the needs of cooling
  • Improve the energy and resource efficiency of cooling
  • Mitigate the climate impact of refrigerants
  • Address the investment cost for higher efficiency solutions
  • Shift to renewable energy sources

The white paper can be downloaded from This website was created to promote the role of the cold sector in the contribution to carbon neutrality in Europe.