New IIR Working Group “Electric vehicle thermal management systems”

This new working group, which focuses on a topical theme, is headed by Xianting Li, new President of Section E.

At the IIR Incoming Science and Technology Council meeting on August 20, 2023, a new IIR Working Group (WG) “Electric vehicle thermal management system” was officially created. 

The thermal management system of new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, involves coupling between multiple subsystems and multi-objective collaborative thermal management, which is much more complex than for traditional fuel vehicles. It covers air conditioning of passenger compartment, battery and motor temperature control, and electrical controls. 

In recent years, automotive thermal management has received widespread attention from many international researchers. Therefore, it was necessary to establish a working group to share advances in this technology. 

With the development of the new energy vehicle industry, the future development of automotive thermal management will be in the direction of low carbonisation, synergy, and intelligence. Therefore, the working group members will join forces and closely focus their research work on the future development trend of automotive thermal management, share their progress and discuss further work, including:

  • the development of automotive thermal management architecture design and integration technologies;
  • the progress of alternative refrigerants for automotive thermal management systems;
  • the progress of automotive compressor technology; (4) the development of core components  

The members of the WG will hold regular meetings and share knowledge and the latest research developments in automotive thermal management through various information carriers, such as review and research papers along with an IIR Informatory Note. 


This Commission E1 WG is chaired by Xianting Li, new President of IIR Section E “Air conditioning, heat pumps and energy recovery”.  


The terms of reference of the WG and additional information are available on a dedicated web page.