New JSRAE book on refrigeration compressors

The IIR partner JSRAE just published a comprehensive book, “Compressors for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration”.

Compressors, considered the heart of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, have significant effects on system performance and reliability. In spite of their importance, there are few publications which include systematic information on compressor technologies.

The Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRAE), a partner of the IIR, has just published a comprehensive reference manual to share knowledge on this important topic. This manual, entitled "Compressors for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration”, in English, is intended to be used by beginners, aspiring engineers, seasoned academics and engineering professionals.

Focusing on the common and universal technologies required, this book provides important knowledge, data, trends and developments of refrigeration compressor technologies.

It includes: Basic Theory; Reciprocating Compressors; Rotary compressors; Scroll Compressors; Twin Screw Compressors; Single Screw Compressors; Car Air-conditioner Compressors; Refrigeration Oil; Motors and Inverters; Testing; Measurement Technologies.

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