New Monaco Yacht Club House to be cooled thanks to ocean water

Monaco’s new yacht club sticks to the sea-water cooling tradition.
Monaco’s new yacht club sticks to the sea-water cooling tradition.

Monaco’s prestigious Yacht Club is offering itself a new Club house located on a 9000m² area of reclaimed land in the eastern part of the Marina.

Besides the yacht Club proper, the almost 30m-high liner-shaped building  with a reception capacity of 3000, will house a sailing school, the Nautical Society, an exhibition hall, a reception hall, a bar and restaurant, an apartment for the club secretary and a series of “cabins” for visiting guests as well as a range of event spaces on the top floor.

The luxury building is to be refrigerated thanks to sea-water heat exchangers used by two water-condensation water chillers each with 1400-kW cooling capacity and 1800-kW heating capacity. Calories from the refrigeration system condensers are evacuated thanks to the heat-exchangers with a 30% increase in efficiency. The system is reversible and consequently, it can also be used for heating. 

The sea water is found at a depth of 40-m where its temperature is relatively constant all year round, remaining between 15-20°C. Once heated, it is released farther off-coast at 30°C at a sufficient distance not to threaten the ecosystem.

Carrier introduced sea-water cooling in Monaco in 1960 to cool Rainier Auditorium, now the technology covers 20% of Monaco’s energy requirements.

The building is also equipped with 19 air-handling units connected to ductable fan-coil units, in order to distribute heat and cooling accordingly.

Photo: G. Noble ©