Opening of a zero carbon store in Belgium

Lidl opens its first carbon neutral CO2 store in Ixelles, Belgium.
Lidl has opened its first carbon neutral CO2 store in Ixelles, Belgium.

The new store uses a range of energy saving measures including CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigeration systems, heat recovery and solar panels to achieve energy savings of nearly 40% compared to the previous store.

The store operates a Carrier Cool2Tec MT multi-compressor refrigeration system using CO2 with plug-in chest freezers operating on propane. Recovered waste heat from the refrigeration systems provides all the underfloor heating requirements. However, there are no doors on the refrigerated cabinets.

Although its area is about 20% greater than in the past, up to 24cm of insulation and triple glazing, combined with energy-saving technologies allow a significant reduction in power consumption while solar panels on the roof provide a minimum of 15% of the electricity requirement. The rest of the electrical needs are met by green electricity use.

Light catchers in the roof skylights allow more natural light into the store with extra LED lighting controlled by daylight intensity sensors.

The store also operates a heat recovery ventilation system and rainwater capture.

Performance of the new store, named Store ECO2logique, has earned Lidl a European Commission GreenBuilding certificate.