R1234yf could be used in 3 million cars by the end of the year

DuPont expects refrigerant HFO1234yf will be used in the air-conditioning systems of nearly 3-million vehicles worldwide by the end of this year.
DuPont expects the refrigerant HFO1234yf to be in the air conditioning systems of nearly 3 million vehicles worldwide by the end of this year.

DuPont says that most automakers are currently using the new low GWP refrigerant, not only to comply with the European MAC directive but also to voluntarily take advantage of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) credits designed to encourage the use of products with reduced climate impact.

With predictions that the US will follow the EU by eliminating the use of R134a in new vehicle air conditioning as early as this year and with Japan expected to announce an HFC phase-down schedule, DuPont expects an even greater uptake of the new refrigerant.

However, despite being cleared as being safe by SAE International, Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority and the EU’s Joint Research Centre, some German car manufacturers continue to raise concerns about R1234yf due to its flammability and the potential production of dangerous byproducts in the event of a fire