COP 27 at Sharm Al Sheikh

The IIR at the COP 27: side event was organised by the IIR with the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA). Didier Coulomb gave a statement at the high-level session.


The Conference of the Parties on climate change took place on from 6 to 20 November 2022. A fund dedicated to loss and damage in developing countries has been agreed. However, the criteria have yet to be defined and implementation will not take place until the next COP in any case. And no progress has been made regarding mitigation and adaptation to global warming.


The IIR held a booth and organised a side event with the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) during the conference, with its Director General giving a speech during the high-level session, to promote the IIR’s actions on sustainable refrigeration and in particular on the development of sustainable cold chains in developing to reduce food losses.

Didier Coulomb giving a speech
Didier Coulomb, giving his speech


Yosr Allouche during side event
Dr. Yosr Allouche giving a speech during the side event.


Didier Coulomb and Dr. Yosr Allouche at the IIR booth


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A key matter in the battle against climate change, the side event focuses on clean heating and cooling opportunities in buildings and food chains and how these can align climate policy with development goals. Experts from the IIR, ACES, RD&T, RAP, DENA Germany and governments representatives dived into these frontier challenges, exploring policy, technology and models to be implemented. You can watch the video of the side event below.


List of the speakers (click to zoom)



The next COP on climate change will take place in the United Arab Emirates and refrigeration should become one of the strategic subjects to be discussed. The IIR intends to  organize booth and side-events with his partners in order to promote once again the role of refrigeration and the actions of its stakeholders.