The first air-conditioned stadium in Qatar

Qatar recently completed the installation of air conditioning in the Khalifa International Stadium, in preparation for FIFA World Cup 2022.
FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar, where extremely hot temperatures in summer represented a major challenge for hosting the competition. That is why a FIFA taskforce decided that the competition would be held between November and December, when temperatures can still reach 30°C. More than 5 years before the World Cup kicks off, Qatar has completed the installation of its cooling technology in the Khalifa International Stadium, built in 1976 in Doha. The stadium has undergone a renovation estimated at GBP 70 million. The cooling technology relies on district cooling: nozzles bring chilled water from an energy centre located one kilometre away from the stadium. Tested during the Emir Cup final on May 19, 2017, temperatures reached 20°C on the field of play, and 23°C in the spectator stands.

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