The IIR at the GCCA event

The IIR actively participated in the 25th European Cold chain conference organised by the Global Cold Chain Alliance in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on March 23-25, 2022.

The event has gathered about 100 experts and cold chain pioneers from around the world to address new environmentally friendly cold chain technologies. During the plenary session on Carbon Footprint Reduction and Climate Change Targets, the IIR head of projects Yosr Allouche provided the audience with the IIR latest figures on the current global cold chain, highlighting the urgent need for an improved cold chain in both high-income and low-income countries. 

The attendees were referred to the IIR Informatory note on the carbon footprint of the cold chain for detailed information on the model developed by the IIR to calculate CO2 emissions at each stage of the cold chain, with figures by country and at the  global level.  The IIR also took the opportunity to promote the two EU-funded projects ENOUGH and SophiA, in which the institute is involved. Communication material on the IIR Informatory Notes and EU projects were made available to conference participants in a shared stand with the GCCA.