The IIR worldwide

Focus on the latest IIR interventions around the world.

In January, the IIR was present at three events around the world:

  • ASHRAE Winter meeting in Atlanta, USA

The ASHRAE Winter meeting took place in Atlanta (USA) on January 12-16, 2019. The Director General of the IIR participated in two seminars, one on the phase down of HFCs, presenting the current regulations and IIR actions; the other one on the European training project, Real Alternatives for Life. He also participated in the ASHRAE Refrigeration Committee, the ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance meeting and met the ASHRAE President and Executive Vice President in order to discuss the ASHRAE/IIR partnership.

  • "Vœux du froid" in Paris, France

The French Association of Refrigeration (AFF) organised for the first time the “Refrigeration Whishes” (vœux du froid) on January 24, 2019 and the IIR Director General was invited to give his thoughts on the future of refrigeration.


From the left to the right: Serge Bresin,Hervé Quibriac, Gérald Cavalier, Didier Coulomb, Jean-Luc Carré, Gérald Charney. © La RPF


  • ASERCOM in Bruxelles, Belgium

The Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufactures (ASERCOM) organised its annual General Assembly on January 24-25, 2019 in Brussels (Belgium). The Director General of the IIR was invited to present the international context in relation to the European context.