The notoriety of the IJR increases further!

The impact factor of the International Journal of Refrigeration increases for the fourth consecutive year. 

The International Journal of Refrigeration, published for the IIR by Elsevier, is an essential monthly journal for researchers working in various fields such as air conditioning, heat pumps, cold chain, thermodynamics, cryogenics, etc. 
This is evidenced by the increase in the journal's impact factor for the fourth consecutive year. In 2021, it reached 4.410. The impact factor is calculated from the number of articles published in the previous two years and cited in the year concerned.


The impact factor of a journal determines its notoriety and, to a certain extent, the reliability of its articles. This assertion should nevertheless be nuanced: indeed, certain areas in which scientific research is advancing rapidly will be favored. The importance of a scientific community will also influence the impact factor: an epidemiology journal will be less widely cited than a general medical journal. 

In 2020, it was estimated that 12.89% of journals had an impact factor greater than 4, which places the IJR quite high in terms of notoriety, especially since it is the only journal exclusively dedicated to refrigeration and all its fields of application. 
IJR articles are available in FRIDOC, on the IIR website for €20 (approximately US$20). Most scientific articles are generally sold for more than $30. 
IIR members can access the full IJR on the IIR website and on the Elsevier website. Membership rates vary by age and country of residence.


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