USA: Impact of online grocery shopping on cold storage demand

The evolution of shopping habits may demand cold storage space optimization in the US.
According to a report published by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Nielsen, online grocery sales in the United States currently represent USD 19 billion, or 3% of total grocery sales, a rather small figure. This figure should grow in the next few years, since online grocery sales are poised to reach USD 100 billion by 2025, or 13% of total grocery sales. The report estimates that 70% of consumers will be grocery shopping online by 2025.

In the USA and according the the real estate company CBRE, groceries are currently stored in industrial cold storage and in retail space in the following proportions:

  • Around 17 million m² of industrial cold storage
  • Around 28 million m² of retail space

Those figures are about to evolve within the next years, since CBRE estimates that more than 3 million m² are about to shift from retail space to industrial cold storage.

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