You are invited to the virtual exhibition on the sustainable cold chain

Cold chain technologies providers, users, and policymakers are invited to visit or apply to the ongoing Sustainable cold chain virtual exhibition organised online by UNEP and OzonAction. 

The Ozone Secretariat and OzonAction Programme of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have organised a virtual exhibition on sustainable cold chain technologies. The exhibition showcases commercially available cold chain technologies for food and vaccines, mainly targeting applications and equipment that use ozone and climate friendly refrigerants and have enhanced energy efficiency features. 


Cold chain technology providers, users, as well as policymakers are invited to visit the exhibition or apply to present their own climate-friendly technologies. 

The exhibition showcases examples of state-of-the-art technologies available in the cold chain, highlighting, for instance, solutions that help reduce food loss and waste.   

The general public can also learn about energy-efficient appliances. 


The exhibition is ongoing and continuously updated with submissions accepted on a rolling basis. 


For more information, download the attached flyer. 


Visit the virtual exhibition  



The Ozone Secretariat and OzonAction of UNEP are technology-neutral and do not endorse, approve or promote any specific technology or approaches from any company or  organisation in any form. This virtual exhibition aims to facilitate the dissemination of information on existing sustainable cold chain technologies and approaches in an unbiased manner.