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With a growing global impetus towards developing sustainable refrigeration technologies in line with the UN sustainable development goals, the IIR offers a number of products and services to help you implement national plans connected to refrigeration. 


Member countries 


Countries can join the IIR and become an active part of an international network. 

As the only intergovernmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of knowledge of all refrigeration technologies and applications, the IIR is the international meeting ground for policy-makers paving the way to tomorrow’s refrigeration.  


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Informatory Notes 


Designed to meet the needs of decision-makers worldwide, IIR Informatory Notes summarise knowledge of key technologies and applications of refrigeration. 

Why not also read the corresponding Summary for policymakers; published with you in mind? 


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Press releases and statements 


Read the position statements on the refrigeration sector as delivered by the IIR during the high-level segments of international summits such as the UN conferences on climate change and ozone depletion, as well press releases on pioneering IIR activities at the heart of the industry. 


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Regulation files  


The Regulation files summarise the requirements of the main regulations and standards applicable to the refrigeration sector and refrigerants at global, regional or national level. Prepared by the IIR or its partners, these files provide links to the original texts and the corresponding reference information sources. 


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EU and International projects 


Explore the ground-breaking advances in refrigeration technologies and applications, in line with sustainable development goals, set to revolutionise the industry. 


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Working groups 


Join your peers, as a beneficiary of a corporate member, from industry, academia and research to collaborate on an array of multidimensional projects addressing scientific matters at the heart of refrigeration. 


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IIR events 


Discover the latest developments in the sector and network with key stakeholders at upcoming flagship IIR conferences and co-sponsored conferences dedicated to all refrigeration technologies. 


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