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A review on current status of capacity control techniques for two-phase ejectors.

Author(s) : GULLO P., KÆRN M. R., HAIDA M., ELBEL J. S.

Type of article: IJR article


The adoption of highly efficient vapour-compression heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems is compulsory to achieve a low-carbon society. Expansion work recovery using a two-phase ejector is widely recognized as one of the most promising measures to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC&R units. This holds true for all operation conditions provided that an effective capacity control technique is implemented. In this work a thorough critical review on the current status of the presently available capacity control strategies for two-phase ejectors was carried out. In addition, their pros and cons as well as the comparison of their performance were reported. It was concluded that two-phase ejectors can be properly capacity controlled in large- and medium-scale vapour-compression units. However, a suitable capacity control mechanism for small-scale vapour-compression solutions still requires a major breakthrough and is being intensively discussed among experts in the field.

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  • Original title: A review on current status of capacity control techniques for two-phase ejectors.
  • Record ID : 30027774
  • Languages: English
  • Source: International Journal of Refrigeration - Revue Internationale du Froid - vol. 119
  • Publication date: 2020/11
  • DOI:


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