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Analysis of desiccant assisted air conditioning systems.

Author(s) : MAIYA M. P., AGARWAL S.


A separate heat operated desiccant dehumidifier becomes necessary when the conventional air conditioning (AC) systems fail to meet the low humidity conditions required for applications like library, museum, etc. The proposed desiccant assisted AC systems (DAACS) combine a desiccant wheel with the conventional AC system. The wheel transfers the moisture between two air streams without any external heat for its regeneration. Two configurations of DAACS, namely mixed air and condenser air regenerated systems have been simulated together with a typical space at Madras, India.

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  • Original title: Analysis of desiccant assisted air conditioning systems.
  • Record ID : 2000-1525
  • Languages: English
  • Source: 20th International Congress of Refrigeration: Refrigeration into the Third Millennium.
  • Publication date: 1999/09/19


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