Ariane V's cryotechnic propulsion.

La propulsion cryotechnique d'Ariane V.

Author(s) : VALENTIAN D.


The Vulcain engine contributes in an essential way to the performance of Ariane V, but facing the competition from geostationary satellites while reducing production costs is a challenge. Thus, Vulcain 2, a more powerful version, represents the first step in these improvements. With its Vinci engine, it is more innovative and consists in the replacement of the present stockable propellant stage (the L9) by a cryogenic stage. Furthermore, the development phase is halved thanks to project-centred organization and an optimized development schedule.


  • Original title: La propulsion cryotechnique d'Ariane V.
  • Record ID : 2007-0047
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Technology
  • Source: Sixth conference on cryogenics and superconductivity. Proceedings (comprising papers and posters)./ Sixièmes Journées de cryogénie et de supraconductivité. Recueil des présentations orales et posters.
  • Publication date: 2000/05/16


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