Conceptual design of a two-stage air-conditioner.

Number: pap. B4-080

Author(s) : BUYADGIE D., NICHENKO S., SECHENYH V., et al.


In modern air-conditioning systems, simultaneous moister elimination and cooling processes take place on coolant units' surfaces. This leads to significant overexpenditure of the cold, especially at humid climate conditions, because almost half of the produced cold is spent for moisture condensation. Developed system enables to separate this processes, i.e. perform cooling of preliminary dehumidified air. Air dehumidification is implemented with the help of secondary and solar heat. This process runs at the following scenario: moister is absorbed by active sorbent from induced and return air flows; later, used sorbent restores its capability after vaporization. Thus, air-conditioning processes becomes at least twice less energy-intensive. For dry and hot climate regions air moistening is vital. Proposed study describes the process of initial cooling of recycled dry air followed by mixing with moisturized incoming air supplied by refrigerating system after evapo-ration of condensed water. In such systems, it is reasonable to apply solar driven generators of cold, especially ejector refrigerating systems. These installations serve for simultaneous generation of low-grade cold for food storage and deep freezing. Solar air-conditioning demands accumulation of cold and heat, with desirable usage of phase transition. The last is more preferred because COP is quite always less than 1 and the capacity of accumulator of cold could be less than accumulator of heat. As a retaining fluid it is reasonable to use an agent which evaporates at ambient pressure and set temperatures, or to use heavy alkenes for liquid-solid phase transaction.

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  • Original title: Conceptual design of a two-stage air-conditioner.
  • Record ID : 30005362
  • Languages: English
  • Source: ACRA2010. Asian conference on refrigeration and air conditioning: Tokyo, Japan, June 7-9, 2010.
  • Publication date: 2010/06/07


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