Cryogenic temperatures.

[In Dutch. / En néerlandais.]

Author(s) : KNOBBOUT J. A.

Type of article: Article


The article gives an overview of liquid gases, from CO2 (dry ice) to liquid helium. The main applications of the liquid gases down the temperature scale are shown. Low temperature milling of used products as the starting point of separation of the constituents is illustrated by successful examples of the technology. The expectation that the market for liquid hydrogen will grow considerably in the future is highlighted by the remarkable increase in world production capacity and its use in cooling large superconducting electromagnets.


  • Original title: [In Dutch. / En néerlandais.]
  • Record ID : 1997-1964
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Source: Koude & Luchtbehandeling - vol. 89 - n. 9
  • Publication date: 1996/09
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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