Design of 2 kW/4 K helium refrigerator for HT-7U.

Author(s) : BAI H., BI Y., WANG J., et al.


The HT-7U superconducting tokamak is an advanced steady-state plasma physics experimental device to be built at the Institute of Plasma Physics, the Chinese Academy Sciences (CASIPP). All of the toroidal field magnets and poloidal field magnets are made of NbTi/Cu CICC and are cooled with forced flow supercritical helium at 3.8 K. A refrigerator with an equivalent capacity of 2 kW/4 K will be built to fulfil the requirements of all the operational modes, such as cool-down, warm-up, normal operation with current and quench of superconducting magnets. The helium refrigerator is designed in CASIPP and the thermodynamic analysis results and design of the refrigerator are presented in the paper.


  • Original title: Design of 2 kW/4 K helium refrigerator for HT-7U.
  • Record ID : 2006-0084
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Proceedings of the nineteenth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference. ICEC 19.
  • Publication date: 2002/07/22


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