Development of a new air-cooled heat pump chiller 'compact cube'

Number: pap. n. C6-072

Author(s) : OOKOSHI Y., ITO T., YAMAGUCHI H., et al.


A further improvement of the performance is requested to the air-cooled heat pump chiller from the viewpoint of the global warming prevention. Smaller unit is needed to facilitate the renewal from the absorption chiller to the air-cooled heat pump chiller. To meet such needs,we developed the high efficiency,compact new air-cooled heat pump chiller 'compact cube'. The 'compact cube' is side-flow type with U-shaped fin and tube heat exchangers. With this structure, the uniform air velocity, high packed density of the heat exchangers, and the unit miniaturization have been implemented. The refrigeration cycle with two-evaporating temperature has been implemented. The cooling COP of this cycle is 2% higher compared with conventional one-evaporating temperature cycle because of the rise of average evaporating temperature.

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  • Original title: Development of a new air-cooled heat pump chiller 'compact cube'
  • Record ID : 30000702
  • Languages: English
  • Source: ACRA2010. Asian conference on refrigeration and air conditioning: Tokyo, Japan, June 7-9, 2010.
  • Publication date: 2010/06/07


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