Effects of refrigerant injection on the scroll compressor.

Author(s) : WANG B., LI X., YAN Q.


Based on simulations and experiments, the effects of refrigerant injection on the general performance and inner compression process of scroll compressors has been researched. As a result, it is found that the refrigerant injection process can be considered as a continual parameter-varying "adiabatic throttling + isostatic mixture" time-varying process. The indicated efficiency of the injection scroll compressor will acquire the maximum when the ratio of inner compression and outer compression ratios is the right value. When the compression is an isentropic process, the value is 1. The effects of injection pressure on the power, refrigerant flow rate, p-h diagram, volume efficiency, and indicated efficiency are studied in detail.

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  • Original title: Effects of refrigerant injection on the scroll compressor.
  • Record ID : 2007-2031
  • Languages: English
  • Source: 2006 Purdue Conferences. 18th International Compressor Engineering Conference at Purdue & 11th International Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Conference at Purdue [CD-ROM].
  • Publication date: 2006/07/17


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