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European Cryogenics Course 2022.

Date: 2022.08.15 / 2022.09.02

Location: Dresden, Germany


The European Cryogenics Course is organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Dresden (TUD) / Germany, the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Twente / The Netherlands and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) of Trondheim / Norway.

The ECC extends over 3 weeks, usually during summer, and is open to all graduate and doctoral students.

This year's course begins on August 15th - 19th at TU Dresden and focuses on "Basics, liquid hydrogen technology." The second part of the course takes place August 22nd - 26th at  University of Twente in The Netherlands and deals with "Helium cryogenics, cryocooler and instrumentation". Finally, August 29th - September 2nd NTNU of Trondheim, Norway offers a course on "Liquified natural gas and coolers."


Lecturers are both members of the organizing universities and a number of invited external experts. In addition to the classes, the program of the ECC includes technical excursions, tutorials and demonstrations. The course finishes with two written examinations concerning the two main subjects (cryogenics fundamentals and processes) in accordance with ECTS standards.


Applications from Engineering or PhD students from the participating universities, and potentially from other universities and institutions, who are interested in cryogenic technology should apply with a short application letter and CV. Due to the limited capacity, interested students are requested to submit applications before the end of April 2022. Later applications will be considered only in function of remaining places.


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