Genetron AZ-20 (R410A) product brochure. Fluorocarbons.

Author(s) : AlliedSignal

Type of monograph: Booklet


Genetron AZ-20 (an azeotropic mixture of HFC-32/HFC-125) has been developed to serve as a long-term, non-ozone-depleting replacement for HCFC-22 in a variety of new-equipment applications. It has a significally higher capacity and pressure than HCFC-22 and an intrinsically low toxicity. Because it behaves like an azeotrope, it is easy to service in the field. Extract from the table of contents: applications; physical properties; product specifications; servicing considerations; pressure vs. temperature; materials compatibility; lubricants; safety; storage and handling; leak detection; retrofitting existing systems; environmental considerations; recycling and reclamation; packaging; available literature; thermodynamic tables.


  • Original title: Genetron AZ-20 (R410A) product brochure. Fluorocarbons.
  • Record ID : 1997-1256
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Environment
  • Publication: Alliedsignal chem., fluorocarbons - United states/United states
  • Publication date: 1996/07
  • Source: Source: 12 p. (21.5 x 27.7); fig.; tabl.
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